Yoga Series - Getting Started with Yoga

Yoga Series - Getting Started with Yoga

Yoga is a great way to increase strength, flexibility and relieve stress. Plus, it burns calories!

  1. Start with Mountain Pose. Feet together, stand up tall as though there was pole going through your body. Don’t slouch! Take a deep breath in and out through your nose. It might not look like much but this helps strengthen your core and support proper posture, especially as we age.Yoga Mountain Pose
  2. Your next step is to inhale and with that inhale bring your hands above your head. Feel the stretch and lengthen your body. Remember to keep your shoulders down.
  3. On the exhale fold forward and bring your hands to your knees, shins or toes. Only go as far as your body is able, this is not a competition. Your hands will get closer to the floor over time.
    Yoga Forward Fold
  4. On your next inhale bring one foot back to a lunge position for Warrior 2. Make sure your toe doesn’t go past your knee (we don’t want any injuries). Bring your arms to a “T” position with finger tips extend. Your line of site is in the same direction as your bent knee. Hold this position for 5 breaths. Keep your shoulders down and your butt tucked under. This works your entire body.
    Yoga Warrior Pose
  5. On your last inhale bring your feet together to mountain pose. And exhale.
  6. Step back to Warrior 2 (on the opposite side) with your next inhale. Hold for 5 breaths. Your arms and finger tips should be in line with your shoulders.
  7. On your final exhale bring your feet together for Mountain Pose. Exhale.
  8. Inhale and bring your arms above your head.
  9. Fold over to touch your knees, shins or toes on the exhale.
  10. On your next inhale bring your arms above you head again, but this time bend your knees to create Chair Pose. Keep your knees behind your toes and your shoulders down. Hold for 5 breaths.
    Yoga Chair Pose
  11. Forward fold on final exhale.
  12. Inhale to Mountain Pose.
  13. Next, get yourself into Downward Dog as shown below. Legs are hip width apart and arms are shoulder width apart. Knees can be bent if needed and your heals may be off the floor. Over time you will get more flexible and be able to keep your legs straight. Hold for 5 breaths.Yoga Downward Dog
  14. On the final exhale bring yourself forward to a straight arm plank. Hold for another 5 breaths.
  15. On the final exhale bring one are up to the sky for side plank. Feet are stacked. You may drop your knee to the ground for added support. Hold for 5 breaths.Yoga Side Plank
  16. On the final exhale bring yourself to child pose. Arms above your head and knees to chest.Yoga Child pose
  17. Now it’s time for the other side to get worked by the side plank. Hold for 5 breaths.
  18. On the final exhale bring yourself to Downward Dog. Hold for 5 breaths.
  19. After your final exhale walk your hands to your feet, bend your knees as needed.
  20. Slowly stand up to Mountain Pose with your head being the last to look forward.
  21. The last move is always my favorite, Corpse Pose. It may not sound so great but it is very relaxing and a great way to clear your mind. Lie on your back with your arms at your side and legs extended.
    Yoga Corpse Pose


  • If you are new to Yoga, don’t worry, your balance will get better and you will move through the poses without losing your balance.
  • If you are having a hard time keeping your breathing in sequence with the moves feel free to focus on the position and not breathing in sequence. Just remember to keep breathing through your nose and not your mouth for the best benefits.
  • Yoga is done barefoot and typically with a yoga mat to allow for better traction.
  • These moves can be done in the sequence listed here or separately.

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