Semaglutide FAQ



What is Semaglutide?

Semaglutide is an antidiabetic medication used for the treatment of type 2 diabetes and long-term weight management. It helps to lower your blood sugar levels and A1C.The Semaglutide listed on the site is for a weight loss protocol and not intended for the treatment of Diabetes. This is the FDA’s first approved medication for use in weight loss.

What is the difference between our Semaglutide Programs? 

The Starter Program is intended to help ease the body and system onto the medication and help reduce the intensity of the side effects. Some patients have found great success on the current 0.5mg weekly dose and have no interest in upping the strength to 1mg. Some patients have requested a higher potency/strength dose to help their bodies respond better if their weight loss in the first month was less than 8lbs.

The Maintenance Program works out to be 1mg of Semaglutide per injection, so it is an increase from the Starter Program where you are getting 0.5mg of Semaglutide per injection. The increase of potency is sometimes accompanied with B12 in the maintenance formula depending on the pharmacy that fulfills the order, which is said to help against the side effects since it is compounded with the Semaglutide directly. 

How does it work?

Semaglutide acts like human glucagon-like peptide-1 in that it increases insulin secretion and stimulates insulin release from the pancreas, thereby increasing sugar metabolism. It also helps to reduce the amount of sugar released by your liver and slows down food leaving your stomach to help prevent blood sugar spikes.

Why is this better than hCG?

The protocol differs from the daily injection most of us are used to doing on hCG. That’s one of the things that makes this medication more appealing to some, the ease of administering once weekly injections rather than daily. It is being touted as the “No Diet Drug” but you are encouraged to eat a wholesome diet of about 1200-1800 calories a day, allowing you to create more sustainable eating habits while on the program compared to hCG’s 500 Calorie protocol.

No super strict HCG Diet is required?

Caloric Restriction is not required to see weight loss results. You are encouraged to consume at least 1200-1800 calories a day. Patients report when they continue low caloric restriction they can stall in their weight loss journey, or if they consume too many refined carbs. Patients have reported the greatest losses with a healthier lifestyle while on the Semaglutide. We are still recommending a “diet” of Lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, complex carbs like brown rice, sweet potatoes, and quinoa, but no refined/processed foods, or anything with “Added Sugars”. Please review our Recommended Food List by visitin this link:

What kind of weight loss should I expect?

Patients report with the capsules you are more likely to see a bigger loss going into week 3. For the injections, you will have some loss the first week and midway into the 2nd week. By weeks 3 and 4 most patients report another substantial drop in weight as well as losing inches. We have encouraged patients to do measurements at the start of the program as well as recording a starting weight. All patients are different, so results can and will vary.

Can I take hCG while on it?

 HCG requires a 500 Calorie intake daily, while Semaglutide requires a minimum caloric intake of 1200. To stay on the side of caution, our physicians have advised against it since there is no information on how the two would interact.

What are the doses like for shots and capsules?

Semaglutide Capsules are to be administered every other day until weight loss goal is reached. 

Semaglutide Injections are to be administered once weekly until weight loss goal is reached. 

What is the difference between this and NAD+?

Both NAD+ and the Semaglutide will help achieve weight loss, the difference would be in how quickly one works versus the other. NAD+ can help with reducing inflammation and aiding in fat metabolization by breaking down fat lipids as well as acting like a natural appetite suppressant. Semaglutide acts like human glucagon-like peptide-1 in that it increases insulin secretion and stimulates insulin release from the pancreas when you need it, thereby increasing sugar metabolism. Patients report losing weight more steadily on the Semaglutide when paired with the same or a similar diet that we recommend when taking NAD+.

Can I take NAD+, B12, Glutathione or LIPO while on it?

The answer is yes! The NAD+ and LIPO Programs are a great compliment to the Semaglutide Program. Neither requires a Low-Calorie Diet so it is fine paired with a 1200-1800 Calorie Diet, perfect for Semaglutide. The NAD+ and LIPO will both help initiate fat metabolization. NAD+ is also a wonderful source of energy, encouraging us to get our bodies moving more. You can always pair either with the Semaglutide, as they both aid weight loss but through two different methods in the body. 


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