10 Benefits of a Trapezius Workout

10 Benefits of a Trapezius Workout

The Trapezius muscle is triangular in shape. There are two, one on each side of the body; spanning from the neck to the mid back and then stretching across to cover your shoulder blades. It is involved in movement of your scapula and shoulder blade, as well as, your neck and head rotation. They are accessory breathing muscles and support the weight of your arms. Stiffness can cause that pain when you take a deep breath. It can also limit your range of motion in rotating your head and neck. Stretching and massage are recommended for the Trapezius.

Here are 10 benefits to working out your Trapezius muscles:

  • Working out the Traps is key to gaining muscle and having that muscular look, also a great muscle used in boxing, martial arts, baseball
  • They support your arms, and the movement thereof
  • They allow you the ability to hold your head up, turn it, rotate your neck
  • They allow you to lift heavy items
  • They allow you to shrug your shoulders (move them up and down)
  • They aid in good posture, straightening/ aligning the upper spine
  • They are your support in carrying luggage, briefcases, and purses
  • Strengthening the Traps allows you to lessen shoulder and neck tension
  • They assist your back in many of it's movements, a key to building a strong back
  • They aid in the efficiency of all of your workouts, giving you proper control of the weights, by acting as a foundational muscle

All day long our Traps are engaged (working), it is crucial to our body to give them some relaxation as well. Lying down to relax also relaxes the Trapezius. Most people carry the stress of the world across the Traps muscles and that can impinge on oxygen flow to the brain causing you to feel sluggish and tired. 6-8hours of quality sleep is crucial to your body for a million reasons; here is one BIG one! Give your body a break, rest, get the required sleep you need and literally take a load off your Traps. Drink plenty of water and always be consistent with your supplements. Take care of yourself, Trapezius muscles will keep your head held high throughout your life!

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