Don’t forget your sharps container! The sharps container is a must for safe disposal of used syringes. This plastic container is approved by the FDA. It can easily fit the syringes for even our largest kit, the 56 day kit with 30ml vial of LIPO. Keep your family and others safe by avoiding unnecessary injury and buy the sharps container to safely dispose of your needles.

The sharps container is used to safely dispose of your used syringes. Throwing them in the garbage is not recommended and can cause injury to others. After you complete your injection, carefully recap the needle and place the used syringe in the sharps container.

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Sharps Container Disposal:

Once you are done with the sharps container there are certain places to take it for proper disposal. Your used sharps container can be dropped off at your local ER for no charge. Your local pharmacy may also be able to dispose of it safely for you. For a more accurate list of where to dispose of the sharps container please visit

Sharps Container

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