No more daily injections! Once a week injection with Semaglutide! 

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Semaglutide Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Semaglutide?

Semaglutide is a modified molecule our bodies make, GLP1. It’s a protein made in the intestine and results in a decrease in blood sugars and appetite. A small change in the molecule allows the drug to last weeks in our bodies rather than minutes.

Benefits of Semaglutide Weight Loss Injections:

-Slows down how quickly food leaves your stomach, leaving you with a feeling of fullness and satisfaction with smaller meals. 

-Lowers blood sugars, in part by reducing the production of sugar in the liver

-Slows Intestinal motility (movement of food from mouth out of the body)

-Stimulates insulin secretion by the pancreas

Why Use Semaglutide for weight loss?

Unfortunately, more often than not, patients find that diet and exercise alone are not enough to achieve their weight loss goals alone. That’s why many patients have turned to prescription medications to assist them in their weight loss journey. Semaglutide clinical trials have shown a decrease of 15-18% body fat in obese or overweight patients. Other clinical trials have shown that weekly doses of 2.5mg of Semaglutide provide safe, well-tolerated and substantial weight loss in individuals with obesity disorder as well as improving their cardiometabolic risk factors and physical function measures. 



Unlike the HCG, Semaglutide does not require a 500-calorie strict diet protocol to be used in conjunction with the injections. For the most significant results, it is recommended to reduce your caloric intake while on Semaglutide. Eat healthy fats and proteins. Stay away from processed foods, bad fats, and refined sugars. And don’t forget to add exercise to your lifestyle change! 


*Depending on the state you reside in, your Semaglutide may come with B12 already compounded in the formula. 

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Semaglutide Frequently Asked Questions 



"Having done the HCG diet a year ago with much success I was a little hesitant to buy into the new weight loss medication Semaglutide.  I lost 24 pounds in 28 days on HCG and kept off the majority of that but still had more to lose.  I started on the Semaglutide injection at 208-209 pounds.  The first week I noticed a significant curbing of my appetite which resulted in less eating but did not notice any weight loss.  Week 2 started off the same with the reduced appetite and little to no weight loss.  By the end of week 2 I still weighed 208-209.  The third week is where it really kicked in.  I finished the third week at 204 pounds.  My diet for week 3 was no different than I would normally eat pre-diet.  I had a sausage, egg and cheese bagel twice that week for breakfast, cereal on other days.  I had chicken nuggets for lunch multiple days and even had pasta with alfredo sauce one night for dinner.  My sweet tooth was satisfied daily with small handfuls of M&M’s.  This was certainly not a clean week of eating and still managed to lose 4-5 pounds that week.  I am only now in week 4 but have a new found motivation to continue on my weight loss journey with this new medication.  The HCG diet required a very low-calorie diet which was difficult at times.  This medication allows for normal eating which makes a huge difference."


-Hamilton R.  


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