This troche gives you the best of three main things; weight loss, cell health, and decreased risk for diseases. 

Benefits of AOD9604:
-Reduces body fat
-Increases calorie burn
-Triggers fat release
-Boosts your metabolism
-Prevents non-fatty food from turning into body fat
-Doesn’t increase appetite
-No negative effects on blood sugar levels or tissue growth

Benefits of NAD+

-Converts food into energy
-Fights the physical effects of aging
-Lowers levels of fat cells
-Combats chronic fatigue
-Provides you with immediate energy
-Helps fight autoimmune and inflammatory diseases
-Reduces anxiety, and depressions


Dosage: Place 1 troche under the tongue daily, let dissolve completely. Dosage should be in the morning.

AOD9604/NAD+ Troches 30ct

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