For those of you that do not like injections but want to take advantage of the amazing benefits NAD+ offers, try our pharmaceutical nasal spray that is easy to administer daily. NAD+ has so many benefits to overall health, slowing down the aging process, and repairing damaged DNA. NAD stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, which is a major coenzyme found in all living cells in your body, and it plays a vital role in hundreds of human metabolic processes.

NAD+ is mostly important for the mitochondria “the powerhouse of our cells”. It has a key role as the functioning coenzyme in the mitochondria to create a chemical energy that your body needs. As we grow older the NAD+ levels in our bodies start to decline. For instance, as you may see in younger people, they have better cognitive function, and are more physically active. When NAD+ starts to deplete as we grow older, we start losing memory, we are less physically active. You can alter these processes by supplementing NAD+ nasal spray into your daily routine. 

Dosage: 1-2 sprays/squirts in each nostril daily -or- 1-2 sprays/squirts in each nostril daily for five days on and two days off. Dosage should be in the morning.


NAD+ Nasal Spray

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