HCG Mixing Instructions


Warning:  If you are or may be pregnant or have recently been diagnosed with cancer, do not use HCG.

Note: These instructions are for USHCGSHOTS HCG Products - 5000 IU Vials

 Without the right resources learning how to mix HCG can be an intimidating experience. USHCGSHOTS is here to ensure the process is as easy and safe as possible for our customers.

  1. Clean the tops of the sterile vial and the bottle of bacteriostatic water with alcohol prep pad.
  2. Withdraw 5ml's of the Bacteriostatic water provided from the bottle and insert it into the vial of HCG powder, slowly. 
  3. Roll the vial between your hands gently to mix, do not shake!
  4. We suggest a dosage of .17ml or 170 IU daily

Once reconstituted the vial must be refrigerated.

HCG Mixing Instructions: Reconstituting HCG with bacteriostatic water