HCG Dosage Instructions

HCG is a common dietary aid used effectively as a catalyst to weight loss. The hormone is pivotal in assisting the body to use its own fat as a means of promoting energy. Selecting the right dosage for you will be determined by paying close attention to your body and specifically your level of hunger.

Our Suggestions

First ensure you read and have followed our HCG mixing instructions properly. Next fill a small insulin syringe to the 17 mark (0.17ml) and inject once daily. 

Please note that the morning is the best time for HCG injections, allowing it to work all day and avoiding any spike in extra energy before bed time.

For best results, implement a cycle of HCG for 28 days on followed by 28 days off. This enables your body to maximize the benefits of HCG. We suggest continuing with a 1200 calorie high protein / low carb diet for the 28 days off.

Please read all instructions carefully.

HCG Dosage: Needle showing fill to 17ml mark